The muslim and hindu peoples of kashmir

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Kashmiri Muslim tribes from Hindu lineage

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Kashmiri Muslims

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The eastern area of Kashmir, comprising the northeastern part of the region (Aksai Chin) has been under the control of China since The predominant religion in the Jammu area is Hinduism in the east and Islam in the west. Islam is also the main religion in the Kashmir valley. Religion is the last thing that comes to mind of people who are somewhat acquainted with Kashmir issue, or it doesn't come to mind at all.

Your assumption that Kashmir issue is primarily a Hindu-Muslim issue is downright incorrect. Kashmiri Muslims are ethnic Kashmiris who practice Islam and are native to the Kashmir Valley. The majority of Kashmiri Muslims are Sunni.

They refer to themselves as "Koshur" in their mother language. Kashmiri Muslims are descended from Kashmiri Hindus and are also known as 'Sheikhs'. Jun 19,  · Kashmir has been at the center of a decades-long conflict between Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan, which both claim parts of the Himalayan territory.

Three wars over the claims have killed thousands of people. The Muslim and Hindu peoples of Kashmir have lived in relative harmony and friendliness since the 13th century when Islam first became the majority religion in Kashmir. Periodically however, there have been rulers and leaders who have had a narrow view of Islam.

19 rows · In Jammu and Kashmir as a whole, Islam is by far the leading faith and, with.

Kashmir: Violence escalates between Hindus and Muslims The muslim and hindu peoples of kashmir
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