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Why do some people need less sleep? It’s in our genes, new research suggests

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Watch video · But then the question becomes, why do some people seem to have more of it than others? And the answer may be that the brains of highly altruistic people are different in fundamental ways. But to figure out how, I actually started from the opposite end, with psychopaths.

“Given that tickle is associated with the neurological generation of ‘self’ and ‘other,’ it may be that individual differences in tickle may suggest a defect in the processing of this information that might exist in some autistic individuals,” he says. Many reasons.

The cause can be in either could be irregular ovulation,endometriosis,hormonal insufficiency,low sperm count in males,hormonal problems in the woman--the causes are many and need to be checked out by an infertility specialist. Science can explain why some people hear Laurel and others hear Yanny.

Suggest why some people and not others Paper

Posted am, May 16,by CNN Wire, Updated at AM, May 16, Suggest a correction. Some of us just sweat more than others, and while it can be the source of much embarrassment and shame (trust me, I’m a sweaty person), it helps to understand the reason behind it.

Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

Why Some People Have More Depression Than Others Factors which have been associated with a greater likelihood of having depression include: Neurotransmitter defects: Research indicates that changes in the function and effect of mood-regulating chemicals called neurotransmitters may play an important part in causing depression.

Suggest why some people and
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This Is Me: Why some people always insist on being right