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Collette Dinnigan

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Collette Dinnigan reflected on her 25-year career at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

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At age nineteen she graduated from the WellingtonPolytechnicCollege where she majored in fashion design. From here she moved to Sydney and began working for the.

Collette Dinnigan Essay Collette Dinnigan Collette Dinnigan was born in South Africa in and brought up in New Zealand. At age nineteen she graduated from the WellingtonPolytechnicCollege where she majored in fashion design.

Workshop announcement: The Puglia Encounter. (the place where Australian designer Collette Dinnigan escaped to with her family for a luscious delicious magazine shoot) a city known for its artisan ceramics – just take a look at Carla Coulson’s swoon-worthy photo essay on the town — and roaming through the fields of Manduria.

Collette Dinnigan’s designs possess an elegant, soft and ethereal sensation reflecting her individual style and ultimately resulting in her worldwide success. Her are designs for all ages from infant through to bridal wear and established her self-titled label, Collette Dinnigan in How Dinnigan has Influenced Current Trends in Society Collette Dinnigan has started many trends in society due to her bridal, children’s wear and casual wear collections.

Dinnigan’s bridal collection is strongly vintage influenced but is most suitable for modern ceremonies and receptions. Collette Dinnigan is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most famous fashion designers; she was born in South Africa in and shortly after, moved to New Zealand, where she was raised.

At age 19 Dinnigan graduated from Wellington Polytechnic, New Zealand, in fashion design and textiles.

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