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Though he is calling known as the lead rug of the legendary Bad Monotony, he is also a university, a Ph. Probably brian letort courtroom proposal defense alekhine. Greg graffin essay The band Bad religion was formed in the early eighties and has now been Around over 15 years and has released over eight albums, the lead singer has Continued his schooling and now has one bachelors degree, a masters and is Working on his Ph.


No Substance

Greg Graffin was born in in Wisconsin. Bad Religion appearing on new 7" split EP A new limited edition 7" split EP has been released called "Dean Lane Hardcore Three Way Split".

Greg Graffin

It featuring unreleased live versions of Sinister Rouge and Suffer (with extra banter from Greg before the song); both taken from the 30 Years live shows at the House of Blues. Just as importantly, by 1) self-producing No Substance with engineers ALEX PERIALAS and the group's live soundman RONNIE KIMBALL, 2) doing much of the recording at ease in Graffin's fully-equipped Ithaca, NY home studio, Polypterus, and 3) hiring ace mixer CHRIS LORD-ALGE to make the final sound crunchy, Bad Religion restored the fiery assault.

May 17,  · Greg Graffin is one interesting dude. In addition to being the frontman for Bad Religion, Graffin also has a Ph.D. and lectures UCLA and Cornell students on science and religion in his spare time — because, you know, that’s what punk rockers do.

Bad Religion are punk lifers. Since they've released two EPs and nine albums, all but Atlantic's Stranger Than Fiction and new The Gray Race on their DIY label Epitaph, eventual home of the Offspring, Pennywise, NOFX, ex-MC5 Wayne Kramer, and early L7.

By the standards of punk purism, this is a varied roster--a lot more varied than Bad Religion, all but one of whose records have. Home > News From The Front - Archive Search results. news items found that match your search. 02/ Greg Graffin and Bad Religion take a stand with 'The Empire Strikes First' 0: 08/ A "new one" on the way Every tribal rock tour must have an old hanger-on or two.

For the Warped Tour, it's Bad Religion.

Bad religion greg graffin essays
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